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Recover From Depersonalization & Derealization Disorder At Home For Less Than The Cost Of One Hour With A Psychiatrist. 

Chris Walley

“Done With DPD e-course can get you back feeling life and reality again! It touches on all points and gives you the motivation you need! It’s fantastic!” -August, 2018

Depersonalization Disorder


-Frequently feeling disconnected from your body. 



Depersonalization Disorder 


-Frequently feeling disconnected from reality & the material world. 



I had this annoying disorder two different times, but I finally learned how to recover.


I want to be your guide to recovery through this game-changing online course! 


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My name is J.A. Hardgrave. Some of you may know me as, “Depersonalization Dude” on Youtube. I am an anxiety coach, and I know exactly how you feel because I suffered from this disorder for years.


I’ll just be straight up, this disorder sucks! I know you already know that by now if you’re reading this.


It’s scary, it’s confusing, and it can quickly start to control your life.


What’s even more frustrating is trying to explain this disorder to doctors, psychiatrists, or friends and family and having them stare at you like you’ve lost your mind. 


You may be reading this thinking, “How do I know your course will be any different than other books or courses out there?” 


I feel you. I was also very skeptical that anyone could truly guide me out of the horrible things I was feeling.


I watched countless Youtube videos, visited all the Facebook Depersonalization/Derealization groups, and even bought several books and a few programs trying to get rid of this disorder. 


They didn’t help.


I settled in my mind that I would always feel like I did, and nobody would ever understand me, or be able to help.


But I didn’t give up, even though I wanted to. I knew that if I could beat this annoying disorder, I would be able to help others recover as well.


That joy of finding a cure not just for me, but for everyone, drove me to press on. 


I had this disorder two different times, ten years apart. The second time I got it, it was super scary. Even scarier than the first time.


All of a sudden all my memories of trying to overcome it came whirling back and I felt that if I could get it a second time, maybe this time it was permanent. 


Then everything changed.


I started to realize that the EXACT same scenarios where in place BOTH times I had the disorder. 


I decided to address these things, and once I did, I KNEW I was on the road to recovery! Within weeks I was going entire days without feeling depersonalized or derealized. 


For the first time in years, I felt connected to my body, reality, and my personality again. I felt grounded and I was filled with optimism for the future. 


I knew it was time to share my story and start helping others.


I decided to do one Youtube video and share a few things I learned to recover. I was SHOCKED to see the video go viral, and I was receiving thousands of subscribers, and thousands of comments from people around the world telling me I was the first person they had heard explain how the disorder felt, and what it took to recover. 


But I noticed something that bothered me.


A lot of people were being helped with the basic advice I was providing, but many needed something more in-depth. 


I would get comments from people all day telling me they needed a guide to recovery. I also discovered that people were asking similar questions over and over again.


I knew it was time to take everything I had learned about recovery and put it into an easy-to-follow course that explained every area of recovery in depth. 


A course where I could keep things simple, and give you only what you need to fully recover from this disorder, no B.S., because that will only waste your time and frustrate you even more.


Here’s what you will get by taking my course:


-A step-by-step SIMPLE guide to FULLY recover from Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder.


-LIFETIME ACCESS to my members-only forum where you can ask your questions and get a response directly from me within 48 hours. 


-LIFETIME ACCESS to the most comprehensive Depersonalization/Derealization recovery course on the planet. 


-365 Day Money Back Guarantee.




Use Coupon “Donewithdpd” at the checkout.


At this point, you have a few options. 


1) Get this course and discover exactly what it takes to fully recover and get your life back, as well as join an encouraging community of people who know exactly what you’re going through. Yes, it will take a small investment, but with the coupon I am offering (limited time), it’s less than you spend on gas for a couple of fill-ups. 


2) Click off this page and continue researching this disorder, watching videos of people talk about how bad the disorder is, feel disconnected from your body or from reality and move further away from recovery. 


Please don’t take the second option! Let me help you as I have helped thousands of others.


To take the course, click the button that says, “I’m Ready To Recover” below and let’s get you back on track! 


Also, to hear what people are saying about the course, and also see a more in-depth look at what I cover, look below. 



“I’m in tears because your videos are so helpful and reasuring. Thank you for doing this eCourse!” -2018


Man! I feel normal for the first time in 10 years! Omg, It’s amazing! Thank you very much Depersonalization Dude! -2018


“I was able to lower my anxiety levels and come back to reality after watching your videos! Thank you so much!” -2018


“I’m cured, man. I started to follow your tips two months ago and now I’m free. I can’t describe this feeling.” -2018


“This guy is better than a doctor or a psychiatrist” -2018


“I’m cured thanks to you!” -2018

Preparing For Recovery

✔ Get the critical checklist to prepare for your Depersonalization and Derealization Recovery. 

A New Identity For Recovery

✔ Let me show you a brand new mindset toward yourself, and toward DPD, that will keep you strong even when times get tough during recovery. 

The 4 Weaknesses of DPD

✔ Depersonalization and Derealization feel powerful, but they actually have 4 major weaknesses. Once you understand these weaknesses, I will talk you through how to overcome them!

Reduce General Anxiety

✔ Discover powerful techniques I created to get to the root of general anxiety. Discover over 30 daily habits you can start applying immediately to help you live anxiety-free.

Have DPD Without Anxiety?

✔ Some people feel DPD even without anxiety. I experienced the same thing during my recovery at times. I explain why that is, and how to recover. 


✔ Answers to over common questions that I have collected after speaking with hundreds going through DPD/DRD recovery. (Updated monthly!)

365 Day Money Back Guarantee

✔ 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

-If you take my course and apply the instructions for one year, and for some reason were not significantly better or recovered completely, I will give you your money back. I would need to confirm you completed the course and applied everything in it, some restrictions apply. 

Daily Calming Affirmations

✔ Wake up or go to sleep to calming affirmations mixed with relaxing music that I designed to ground you and remove anxiety. 

Discover the true cause of DPD

✔ Receive a clear definition and cause of DPD/DRD that will be your base-line for recovery.

Break the Anxiety Cycle

✔ Discover the root cause of anxiety cycles and how to disarm them before they even start to manifest! 

The 4 Biggest Fears That Prolong DPD

 Let me show you the 4 biggest fears that prolong DPD recovery, so you can know why there is actually nothing to fear.  

Disarm Panic Attacks in 30 Seconds

✔ Let me walking you through a powerful technique with you that I used to disarm my panic attacks in 30 seconds over ten years ago. Once I used this technique, I never had a panic attack ever again!

Morning & Evening Routine

✔ Discover a powerful morning and evening routine to ensure you wake up energized, and go to sleep comfortably. 

“Depersonalization Dude’s” Recovery System


Most know my recovery tips from Youtube where my videos have reached over 100,000 people, with thousands of comments from people who are starting to recover from DPD for the first time. However, I’ve never been able to cover every single part of recovery in depth and reveal my system, until now! 

What do Depersonalization and Derealization Feel Like?


Depersonalization is the feeling of having a detachment within the self, regarding one's mind or body, or being a detached observer of oneself. It's often described as feeling as if you are watching yourself on a video camera. Other feelings that often accompany Depersonalization are anxiety, light sensitivity, emotional numbing, loss of personal identity, brain fog, and difficulty concentrating. 


Derealization is an alteration in the perception or experience of the external world so that it seems unreal. One may feel as though their environment is lacking in spontaneity, emotional coloring, and depth. It's often described as feeling as if everything is only a "dream world", and nothing is real. 

What We Know


Almost half of the adults in the United States experience at least one Depersonalization/Derealization episode in their lives, with 2% meeting the full criteria for chronic episodes.

Depersonalization disorder was first described in the late 19th century. 

The average onset age for Depersonalization and Derealization is 16. 

1 in 3 patients who have a life-threatening or terminal disease are prone to having brief attacks of Depersonalization and Derealization. 

Women are 2x more likely to suffer from Depersonalization Disorder than men. 

Right now, over 200,000 people are suffering from Depersonalization and Derealization in the United States alone. 

Depersonalization and Derealization usually devlop as a way of dealing with Trauma as the result of things such as panic attacks, combat, car accidents, natural disasters, sudden loss of a loved one, mind-altering drugs such as marijuana and ecstasy, or long-term physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

In fact, up to 66% of people who experience a traumatic event will also suffer from some form of Depersonalization and Derealization. 30% of war veterans are believed to be suffering from Depersonalization and Derealization disorder at any given time. 

43% of the survivors of a natural disaster report feeling emotional numbing, one of the common feelings involved in Depersonalization. 

Depersonalization and Derealization are almost impossible to describe outside of metaphoric language. 

Because Depersonalization and Derealization are so hard to objectively define, they are often misdiagnosed or confused with other problems. 

In times past, it has taken the average person 11 years to get an accurate diagnosis of this disorder. This has led to incredible frustration and confusion in thousands of people seeking help. 

It is more likely for someone to have additional episodes of Depersonalization if they don’t seek out treatment for their first bout with this disorder, even if the feelings initially go away on their own. 

Whether you have just developed DPD, or have had it for years, today is the day to begin the journey of recovery!

“I’ve had DP/DR for several years, will your course still help me recover?”

Yes. Whether you have had DP/DR for 20 years, or 20 days, this course will provide everything you need to recover as quickly as possible!

“Does the amount of time I’ve had DP/DR determine how long it takes to recover?”

No. Most people have an elongated recovery because they lack an effective strategy to overcome DP/DR. Or, they have yet to be properly diagnosed with DP/DR so that they can begin recovery. Once you begin using the proper strategy, everyone can recover in a reasonable amount of time if they put forth enough effort and have patience. What’s important is that we don’t put a time frame on recovery because it can be different for everyone. 

“Is it possible to fully recover from DP/DR 100%, or will I always feel the symptoms?”

Absolutely! Recovery will usually begin with smaller and then larger amounts of relief over the course of weeks or months. However, if you continue to identify the drivers of DP/DR in your life and use the tools in this guide to help you eliminate them, you will eventually find DP/DR is completely absent from your life. The good news is that it doesn’t take long for you to experience enough relief from DP/DR to where you can begin living your life as normal again. A full recovery is the ultimate goal, but you will feel so much better once you start going a good part of the day, week, or month without feeling DP/DR at all during the recovery process! The key is to start the journey so you can get your life back!